12 February 2019 - News & Announcements / Board Resolution on the Issuance of Debt Instruments

Pursuant to Article 9 of the Company's articles of incorporation, in accordance with the authority granted to the Board of Directors, it has been decided to emit bonds, financial bills or similar loan instruments in accordance with the provisions of Debt Instruments Circular no: II-31.1 of the Capital Market Board of Turkey in an amount up to maximum 500.000.000 TL with fixed and/or variable interest rate to be determined in accordance with the market conditions applicable at the date of issue, to be sold within one year to qualified investors without being offered to the public through one or several issues in various orders and maturity terms and to empower Company management for the fulfillment of all of the necessary procedures including to prepare and draw all of the agreements and related documents relevant to such debt instruments to be issued within 1 year from the date of approval by the Capital Market Board of Turkey and make necessary applications to the Capital Market Board of Turkey and other related authorities, determine amount, maturity terms and interests of such debt instruments in accordance with market conditions valid on the dates of issue.